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Essential Supplies

The items you will need to complete this scene are as follows:-

Watercolour Paint
Burnt Sienna
Yellow Ochre
Cobalt Blue
Light Red
Hooker's Green

Ultramarine Blue
3/4" Wash brush
No.8 Round




OK time to start and put a little bit of life into our landscapes, so we are going to start with some sheep. As you can see from Sheep 1 all Iíve done is drawn a loaf of bread with a little lump on the end, for this I have used any old pencil.


Now with the No.8 round brush, pop a little bit of yellow ochre well watered down, onto the top part of the sheep. Now a mixture ultramarine blue and burnt sienna, not quite black, round the back bit and underneath forming almost a 'V' which creates the back leg.   



Now wash out the No.8 round brush, squeeze it out and simply stipple the colours together. Still with the No.8 round brush and again with ultramarine blue and burnt sienna, but this time black, fill in the lump on the end. A quick swath of grass underneath him and hey presto sheep.  
Now let's put him into a landscape with a couple of his brothers. For the sky in the landscape, I have simply filled in the sky area using the 3/4" wash brush and cobalt blue. Add a tiny touch of light red to the cobalt blue to grey it down a little bit.

Add a little bit for clouds and thereís a very simplistic sky.  Still using the 3/4" wash brush add a tiny touch of light red into the cobalt   blue and fill in a couple of distant hills.  Little bit of yellow ochre underneath these (just one quick swath). Now still using the 3/4" wash brush come further forward with a mixture of Hooker's green and burnt sienna and add a tiny touch of blue into the immediate foreground.  



Now fill in the sheep as before, add a little bit of shadow underneath them, again cobalt blue this time with burnt sienna, and there we have a little moorland scene with sheep.

Now that wasnít too difficult was it? Creating a nice little landscape complete with some life. Guess what - no trees.