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 Druridge Bay Watercolour Pencils


I've painted this scene in watercolour and oils, now it's time for the watercolour pencil treatment. Druridge Bay is only a 10-minute drive from my home in Acklington, Northumberland. It's one of the finest beaches in the UK, painting it is always a pleasure.

Essential Supplies

The items you will need to complete this scene are as follows:-

Watercolour Paint
Watercolour Pencil x24

No.8 Round



For this next project, again a very simple big washy type drawing/painting. And again Iíve started out with my single outline drawing using my cool grey.


For the distant sand dunes I am using a little bit of blue-grey to start off with and just literally scribbling in. Just like any other pencil the harder you press on, the darker the pencil is going to be.

Now on top of this a few scribbly bits of yellow ochre. There are a lot more colours in sand dune grasses than you would imagine. So I'm starting off with a little bit of yellow ochre here and there, followed by a few touches of light red and these really are just scribbly marks.



And now a few bits of a lovely light green called leaf green, followed by some nice strong Hooker's green dark and what a mess it really does look.
Now for the beach, very simply using the side of the pencil stroke over. On top of that I am doing the same with a little bit of blue-grey to darken the beach down a little bit.




For the sea, remembering this is Northumbrian sea not the south of France, I am using blue grey with a touch of Hooker's green on top here and there.

Leave some of the under white paper showing through between the strokes, then a few harder edges here and there with the sharp of the pencil.

Now again straight in with the sky and for this one I am using coeruleum blue which is a lovely light blue. And then again coeruleum blue, a touch harder, in other words taking more colour off the stick, for the impression of a few clouds all done whilst the sky is still wet.

Now as before simply wet the areas that I have pre drawn. Merging all the colours in together and when it comes to the sea remembering to leave some of that white under paper showing through. Once the colours are merged together what a really lovely sea colour the two laid on top of each other gives you.



In this one I am also leaving a few of my hard squiggly lines in the sand dunes showing as hard squiggly lines, to indicate a little bit of interest and movement on the foreground grasses. Now I need this to dry ever so slightly before I go in with a few shadow colours.
Now Iím using a little bit of purple-grey stroked off the pencil and literally a few blobs to create shadow here and there. Now this is a very powerful colour so donít go mad. Also whilst in with this technique I have added a few touches of Hooker's green, again stroked off with the pencil with the wet brush.



Voila, all done!