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 Boat Reflection Watercolour Pencils


This project is a very simple exercise in reflection, using watercolour pencils.

Essential Supplies

The items you will need to complete this scene are as follows:-

Watercolour Paint
Watercolour Pencil x24

No.8 Round
3/4" Wash brush




Reflections using watercolour pencils couldnít be simpler. For this little boat I used raw umber, blue-grey and a touch of black and then repeated the colours underneath.

Stroke over with a wet brush to make this into a painting, leaving a few areas dry as just pencil. This is a clever way of producing hard areas and adding a little bit of depth to the painting.



Notice at this stage that I didnít wet the reflection, I simply left this as watercolour pencil drawing. Now with a tiny touch of ultramarine blue stroking the pencil with my wet brush, simply stroke through the lot.
Don't be scared, just stroke straight through your pencil drawing.





If you're quick with your strokes you won't disturb too much of your under drawing. Therefore leaving a fairly strong reflection, now what could be simpler than that.
And there we go, a perfect reflection.