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These two projects are very simple exercises in painting a tree trunk and a basic tree with foliage.

Essential Supplies

The items you will need to complete this scene are as follows:-

Watercolour Paint
Watercolour Pencil x24

No.8 Round




If you wanted to paint a tree trunk, simply colour in like a kid's colour pencil drawing. You will see here that I have used yellow ochre to the right-hand side of the tree trunk, raw umber in the middle bit, and mars black to the left-hand side.

As you will see from this photograph it looks a bit of a mess, but stoke over with a wet brush, and hey presto this is where the magic begins, a rounded looking tree trunk.



Then again with the magic of water and a No.8 round brush we have a tree.



I have a mishmash of viridian hue with a little bit of yellow ochre on the top bits and a little bit of blue-grey on the bottom bits.

Join these blobs up with a few sticks using the blue-grey, and this just looks like a kid's drawing.



Now again stroke over with water leaving some of the tree trunks untouched, so that we also have pencil drawing rather than painting, and to the base of these trees I am adding a tiny touch or viridian from the end of the pencil, to give the feeling of some grasses.