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 Cows & Church,  Norfolk


This was a lovely day out in Norfolk, where I recently did a painting holiday with a lovely group.

Essential Supplies

The items you will need to complete this scene are as follows:-

Watercolour Paint

Raw Umber
Cobalt Blue
Hooker's Green
Burnt Sienna
Yellow Ochre
Alizarin Crimson
Light Red
Ultramarine Blue

1.5" Wash brush
3/4" Wash brush
No.8 Round
No.3 Rigger


You will see in the first image I have done a very simple outline and whacked on my sky wash using firstly yellow ochre in the base sweeping upwards, and then cobalt blue from the top coming down into the other colours. Then suck out a few clouds using my damp " wash brush. A little bit of cloud shadow is indicated using a mixture of cobalt blue mixed with light red; it's important to have all this finished whilst it's still wet.

Notice I have dropped some of my yellow ochre into my middle distance and whilst my sky is still slightly damp, filled in the far distance trees using cobalt blue mixed with light red. Then coming further forward a mixture of Hooker's green and burnt sienna, and then my shadow colour to the right-hand side here and there, which is of course a mixture of cobalt blue, alizarin crimson and burnt sienna.



For the trees coming further forward, it's again Hooker's green and burnt sienna with a few touches of yellow ochre and light red to add a few highlights. You will notice in the base of these trees they are quite dark, for this I have used a mix of cobalt blue and light red dropped in whilst the greens were still wet. For the church and buildings in the distance, I have used my sand colour with a tiny touch of cobalt blue into it, slightly darker to the right-hand side and for the few chimneys and roof tops you can see a mixture of raw umber with burnt sienna. For all of this I used my No.8 round brush. Once the church was dry, I put in a touch of my shadow colour to give it a bit more depth, this was also used for the windows.
In this image there are a few fence posts in the distance which are just a few sticks, using cobalt blue and burnt sienna and my No.3 rigger. The blobs which represent cows I used my No.3 rigger and mixtures of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna to give a black, and raw umber and burnt sienna to give that gingery colour, notice I have left plenty of white. The cows are tied down to the ground with a swath of shadow using the usual shadow colour. For the hedge in the foreground I have used my " wash brush firstly with yellow ochre, and whilst this was still wet dropped in a mix of Hooker's green and burnt sienna and a mixture of cobalt blue and light red for some darker areas down below.



For the foreground field, unusually, I pre wet it. Then whilst it was good and wet, dropped in a few swaths of firstly yellow ochre then light red, then Hooker's green mixed with yellow ochre. Whilst this is drying I came into the rushes in the foreground using my " wash brush flicking upwards with mixtures of yellow ochre then Hooker's green and burnt sienna and light red; whilst it is still wet get your finger nails in there and scratch out some grasses.

Now that the foreground field is dry, I dropped in my shadow mix, a few daubs here and there to give a little depth. There we go, a lovely day in Norfolk.